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Calendar of Events (National Day 2015)

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Kenyataan Media Mengenai Penurunan Kadar Caj Jalur Lebar Pada 15 April 2015 Di Dewan Serbaguna, Aras B1, Kompleks KKMM, Putrajaya.

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KKMM Customer Satisfaction Survey 2015




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Malaysia Chairman of Asean 2015
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Malaysia Chairman of Asean 2015


General Director

Institut Penyiaran Dan Penerangan Tun Abdul Razak,
Peti Surat 12163,
Jalan Pantai Baharu,
59700, Kuala Lumpur
Phone     : 03-22957555
Fax   : 03-22957575, 03-22824796
E-maill : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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Tun Abdul Razak Institute of Broadcasting formerly known as the National Broadcast Training  Centre was founded in 1971 and began its first operation at the Tunku Abdul Rahman Hall, Jalan Ampang.

In 1975 the Training Centre   was relocated to Angkasapuri  Complex, Bukit Putra and renamed Tun Abdul Razak Institute of Broadcasting (IPTAR) which was then managed by the Broadcasting Department of Malaysia.

IPTAR’S vision is to be an internationally renowned training centre in Broadcasting ,Information, Communication and Culture, in line with its mission to upgrade the level of professionalism and promote excellence among broadcast media practitioners in Malaysia.

In August 2008, IPTAR was again renamed Tun Abdul Razak Institute of  Broadcasting and Information (IPPTAR) and placed  directly under the Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture.

IPPTAR’S main objective is to provide quality training with aimed primarily at upgrading the  performance of broadcast services in the country,  besides fostering working relations within agencies nationally and internationally

IPPTAR is headed by a Director  with more than a 100 dedicated and trained employees to support and implement its vision and mission.

In line with its function to provide quality training IPPTAR has always been proactive in its initiatives to update its services and fulfill the expectations of trainees from the Ministry and its related departments and agencies.

As a training centre for the broadcast industry we ensure that everyone is trained on standard  industry equipment, backed up with all possible facilities to provide unrivalled learning environments.

Every year IPPTAR offers more than 100 training programs relevant to the needs of trainees in different fields of media broadcast and information

IPPTAR’s offers its training courses in;

    TV Programming
    Radio programming
    TV Engineering
    Radio Engineering
    Core Management & Program Development
    Basic Engineering (Transmission and  Integrated )

A reflection of its competence and credibility  in conducting numerous areas of training has lead IPPTAR to proudly shoulder responsibility to train trainees for the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program ( MTCP) under the Malaysia Economic Planning  Unit(EPU). Until 2009,  IPPTAR  has implemented about 34 MTCP training programs in broadcasting, benefiting 642 participants from 79  countries.  Our future planning is to actively engage in research , consultancy services, publication and content production.

It  aims to strengthen the existing cooperation between IPPTAR and its partners like the Asia Pacific Institute for Broadcasting and Development (AIBD) the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) and other international Broadcast Training Institutes.


To be an internationally renowned training centre in Information,   Communication and Culture.


To raise the level of professionalism among the workforce in the Ministry of information, Communication and Culture through the provision of continuing education.


  • To plan and formulate training programs for the development of the workforce under the Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture, its related departments and agencies.
  • To provide quality training in accordance to the changing needs of the Ministry.
  • To conduct evaluation programmes to gauge the quality of training and the ways through which such quality can be improved.
  • To develop strategic alliances and networking with local and international agencies engaged in the field of broadcasting, filming and corporate communication.
  • To provide services and infrastructure to support training programs.


  • To provide quality training with a view to creating a competent, excellent and multi-skilled workforce at IPPTAR.
  • To develop skills and knowledge in the field of Information, Communication and Culture through training programs and courses.
  • To actively engage in research and analysis on training needs in tandem with the changing work environment.
  • To intensify co-operation with local and international agencies in the field of Information, Communication and Culture.
  • To develop comprehensive learning modules designed to promote greater understanding of the 1Malaysia concept.
  • To promote greater usage of Bahasa Melayu and to improve language skills among the workforce by means of having more special courses and training modules in Bahasa Melayu.


We pledge to:

  • Implement 80 training programs and high quality courses with a 10 % increase each year.
  • Offer professional courses in 10 different fields.
  • Ensure that all training programs and courses are promoted at least one month before the commencement date.
  • Publish and distribute a full calendar of training courses for the coming year one month before the commencement of the new year.
  • Conduct research on training needs assessments once every two years.

Training /Courses conducted :  TV   & RADIO in the fields of  for programming and Engineering.

    TV for transmission in Integrated
    Soft Skill – TV and Radio
    ICT & MTCP –Malaysian technical and cooperation Production

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